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A Close Look At Paralegal Work From Home Opportunities There is a seemingly endless supply of paralegal work from home opportunities available for a person to choose from. A review of the kind of paralegal work from home opportunities is an excellent way to highlight what to look for in order to be set up successfully in a home office environment. More and more people are presented with this option than ever before, as companies trim down the overhead invested in offices and all corresponding expenses. The paralegal work from home job option is one of many exciting new positions available to potential telecommuters. To be successful in the job market, paralegal work from home positions are a great...
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Blackstonelaw Paralegal Program Can Prepare You For A Top Career Seeking a career as a paralegal and interested in the Blackstonelaw paralegal program? You've made a wise choice. The Blackstonelaw paralegal program is one of the most respected in the profession and enrolling in the Blackstone Career Institute and in particular the Blackstone law paralegal program.

The Blackstonelaw paralegal program can help a student find success in the paralegal profession, one of the fastest growing professions in the nation. The Blackstonelaw paralegal program includes a precise curriculum that focuses on preparing students for the challenging paralegal career.

Below are a few questions and answers about...
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Delving Into Paralegal History Since it is always interesting to delve a little into the history of various professions, in this article, we look back in time, to paralegal history. By gathering the opinions of various people who held reputed positions in the profession and perhaps eventually made a significant positive contribution to the same, we can actually use paralegal history as a basis for determining its future.

Broadly, what we gather is that the profession by itself has been around for long. In fact, if we look at paralegal history, we find that it has been there for nearly a century. Broadly, when legislations and jurisdictions started being established in the country, there was an...
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Factors That Contribute To The Change In The Paralegal Profession Over 10 Years: What Created The Paralegal Profession Today? There are many factors that contributed to the change in the paralegal profession over 10 years since the birth of the profession and this significant change is expected to continue in the future as well.

The change in the paralegal profession over 10 years after its conception has revolutionized the program implemented by the government to provide legal services to the poor with the help of non-lawyers. Today, the paralegal profession has evolved into assisting lawyers in their job by aiding them in trial preparation and performing research and analysis of legal documents.
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Get Acquainted With Famous Paralegals From Films, Television, And Literature Even though there are not as many famous paralegals in popular culture as there are famous doctors, nurses, assistants or even super heroes, there are a couple of characters in movies, television shows, or books that handle tasks clearly defining the paralegal profession.

Since it is rather hard to find famous paralegals in popular culture without any references, here are some of the fictional characters that appeared as paralegals in movies, literature, or on television. If you want to find out all about them, then grab the DVD or book in which they appear.

1. Find out about famous paralegals from television shows...
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High Court Leaves New York's Online Sales Tax Law in Place

Dec. 2 was an extraordinary day for Amazon.com: Cyber Monday sales reached new heights, its fanciful plan to use drones to make deliveries was creating buzz -- and then the U.S. Supreme Court spoiled it all by turning down Amazon's challenge to online sales taxes.

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